Techy Sum: Daily News (26 October 2022)

Picture shown are China’s Long March 5B rocket roll out, MSI’s AM5 board and first teaser of Amazon’s Fallout TV series.
All rights are respective of the copyright holders, whenever necessary. The picture shown are China’s Long March 5B rocket roll out, MSI’s AM5 board and first teaser of Amazon’s Fallout TV series.

Hello everyone, on the nineteenth chapter of the Techy Sum, volume 1, here’s the news that you’ve been looking for:

📱Tech news💻:

- AMD releases AM5 AGESA, reintroduces C-State Boost Limiter (accidentally removed on version with more than 4 Cores loaded on 5.5GHz.

- “julianxhokaxhiu” on GitHub Gist now found a new method to bypass Windows 11 22H2 clean install “Microsoft-account only” so you can use local (offline) account instead. Let Windows 11 22H2 setup present you with the screen where it asks for an e-mail address (of your Microsoft account); and enter “” with “test” as the password. Let setup fail the login, and click on “next.” That’s it. Windows setup will proceed without needing an active Internet connection, and you can create a local account.

- KIOXIA and Western Digital officiate the Fab 7 opening at Yokkaichi, Japan. Total investment in phase one of Fab7 is expected to be approximately one trillion yen, and partly subsidized by Japan government. Fab7 has the capability to produce sixth-generation, 162-layer flash memory and future advanced 3D flash memory. It is scheduled to start shipping 162-layer flash memory in early 2023.

- NVIDIA’s add-in board partners quietly launching the GeForce RTX 3060 8 GB, a variant of the RTX 3060 with a third of its memory size and memory bus-width cut off. It now features 128-bit memory interface, with the same 15 Gbps data-rate, which works out to 240 GB/s memory bandwidth. The rest of the GPU core configuration remain unchanged.

- Scott Herkelman (General Manager for AMD Radeon) in a Twitter post confirms RDNA 3 (including RX 6000 series) GPUs will not use 12VHPWR connector. Meanwhile, AMD has recently confirmed that ‘undisclosed products’ based on RDNA 3 GPU family has successfully completed Vulkan conformity test suite. Support for this graphics API is confirmed for Ubuntu and Windows 10.

- [Leaked] Intel Core i9–13900HK, a 14 cores and 28 threads next-gen mobile CPU resurfaces on Geekbench with score of 1,870 points in single-core (3% higher), multi-core score of 12,436 points (5% higher) than two months ago. It is supposedly going to boost up to 5.36 GHz, presumably 5.4 GHz according to Intel specs, 400MHz faster than Core i9–12900HK with max boost at 5.0 GHz.

- [Leaked] AMD Ryzen 7 7700 specs confirmed on Geekbench, sporting 8 cores and 16 threads, supposedly boosts up to 5.35 GHz (only achievable at 5.28 GHz). It scores of 2,062 points in single-core, slower than Ryzen 7 7600X (2,125 points). However, it is 13% faster in multi-core (12,685 points) compared to 7600X’s 11,215 points.

- ZOTAC launches GeForce RTX 3070 Ti with GA102–150 GPU (6,144 CUDA cores), rated at TDP of 320W, 10W higher than previous lineup of 310W.

- Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing confirms that Apple will use USB Type-C on future iPhones, replacing Lightning cable. This is due to EU’s 2024 mandatory USB-C cable on tech devices ruling recently.

- Samsung’s Maintenance Mode will start to arrived on every One UI 5 user worldwide. It allows a user to secure the personal or sensitive data found on a smartphone they need to send off for repair, and recover it only when it is back in their hands. It will be available on certain Galaxy S21 and S22 series units.

- AMD estimates that CXL (Compute eXpress Link; allows add-in boards like GPUs or non-volatile memory devices such as SSDs to access the same bandwidth as the system RAM via PCIe pathways, lowering latency and improving transfer speeds technology) technology could come to consumer platforms in 3–5 years, around 2025–2027.

- Vivo announced that X80, X70 Pro Plus and X70 Pro (Global Editions) are slated to get Android 13 betas (via Funtouch 13 OS) from November 2022.

- MediaTek Dimensity 9200 has made its AnTuTu debut with an overall score of 1,266,102 points, over 10% faster than the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ and Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. Its ray tracing-capable Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU scores 550,767 point. The CPU, memory and UX components score 273,413, 246,089 and 195,113, respectively. MediaTek is rumoured to unveil the SoC sometime in November.

- [Rumour] OnLeaks says that Realme 10 will launch in pink and gray colours with a 6.4-inch display, updated double-barrel 50-megapixels rear camera hump and a 5,000mAh battery.

- Shutterstock collaborates with OpenAI to offer AI art tool, DALL-E 2 to users and pay artists who helped train it using it’s trove of licensed photos data set.

🎮Video game news🎯:

- Amazon’s Fallout TV series reveals its first official image, shared by Prime Video on Twitter. The folks in the foreground of the image are apparently dwellers of Vault 33. According to the Fallout Fandom Wiki, Vault 33 hasn’t been explored in Fallout lore, only seen previously in Bethesda Pinball.

- The new price recommendations by Steam were shared on Twitter by SteamDB. On a $59.99 game, notably, the price in Turkish lira jumped from ₺92 to ₺510, a 454% increase, while the Argentine peso price increase from AR$649 to AR$3800, a 485% increase. Steam’s recommended prices in Russian rubles are up 75%, the Indian rupee 80%, the Kazakhstani tenge increased by 97%, and the Polish zloty went up by 28%, while Canadian dollar went up by inflation-correlated 13%. For us, Malaysian ringgit Steam price has increased by 40%, really crazy considering our purchasing power. Guess we’ve to find more way to earn money from this newsletter, then. (Half joking, but at the same time, kinda sad for us that are living here in Malaysia.)

- Spotted by PCGamesN, JBMod, a precursor to Garry’s Mod, has finally appeared on Steam, 18 years later from it’s initial release on 1 December 2004.

- The Witcher, CD Projekt’s first game, is getting a full remake with Unreal Engine 5. The remake is being developed by Polish studio Fool’s Theory, the developer of Seven: The Days Long Gone, with CD Projekt providing “full creative supervision.” Fool’s Theory CEO Jakub Rokosz previously worked as a quest designer on The Witcher 2 and Witcher 3.

- Paragon, Epic’s action-MOBA released in 2016, is now back as Paragon: The Overprime. The game is coming to the Epic Game Store in November as early access game. Previously, due to Paragon’s failure (not attained enough audiences), Epic closed the game and releasing all of its $17 million worth of assets, for free, on the Epic Game Store. Several games have already make use of Paragon’s assets: Fault: Elder Orb (2020 on Steam), Predecessor (developed by Omeda Studios, MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre).

- Age of Empires’s spin-off, Age of Mythology (released in 2002), is getting a remaster. Announced during Age of Empires 25th anniversary event, Age of Mythology Retold will revamp the original game’s graphics, tweak its gameplay, and in general do for Age of Mythology what the Definitive Edition did for Age of Empires.

🚀Space news🌌:

- China rolls out Long March 5B rocket to the pad at Wenchang spaceport on Hainan island early Tuesday (October 25), in preparation for Mengtian (“Dreaming of the Heavens”) space module launch, which is the third and final space station module for Tiangong. It is a 58.7-foot-long (17.9 m) and roughly 48,500-pound (22 metric tons) spacecraft designed mainly to host an array of science racks and experiments.

- Soyuz-2.1a rocket launched the uncrewed Progress 82 space cargo toward the International Space Station (ISS) from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Site 31 launch pad in Kazakhstan on 26 October 2022, 05:20 local Baikonur time (00:20 GMT). Progress 82 is carrying nearly 3 tons of food, fuel and other supplies for the crew members of the orbiting lab’s current Expedition 68 mission, with total weight of 7 tons. It will head to the ISS for two days, finally catching it and docking Thursday (October 27) at 02:49 GMT on October 28, if all goes according to plan.

- NASA’s EMIT (Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation) instrument on-board the ISS has identified more than 50 methane super-emitters in its first few months of operation, despite not it’s main job.

- The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) photographed a collision (merging) of two galaxies, commonly named IC 1623, that’s triggering lots of star formation, so far invisible to other telescopes. It is producing stars at a rate 20 times faster than that of our own Milky Way galaxy, scientists said. 270 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation Cetus. Astronomers believe that it may also be producing a supermassive black hole, which is not visible in the image.

- On Monday (October 24) at 20:25 EDT (00:25 GMT on October 25), the ISS team fired the thrusters on Progress 81, a Russian cargo ship attached to the station, using “Pre-Determined Debris Avoidance Maneuver” (PDAM) method, for a total of five minutes and five seconds to avoid the debris fragment of resulting from Russian test of a direct ascent anti-satellite (ASAT) missile conducted on Nov. 15, 2021, which destroyed a defunct Soviet satellite known as Cosmos 1408, decommissioned since 1980s, according to a NASA statement. The maneuver raised the ISS’s altitude by 0.2 miles (0.32 kilometers) at apogee (its farthest point from Earth) and 0.8 miles (1.3 km) at perigee (its closest point to Earth).

- A microbe nicknamed ‘Conan the Bacterium’ (from deinococcus radiodurans bacteria species) capable of surviving in strong radiation environment, 28,000 times more radiation than what a human can survive, at around 33 feet (10 meters) beneath the surface, frozen and dried out, for 280 million years, if living on Mars, by observing the formation amount of manganese antioxidant. During the experiments led by Michael Daly, professor of pathology at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Maryland and a member of the National Academies’ Committee on Planetary Protection, organisms faced temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 63 degrees Celsius) and exposure to ultraviolet light, gamma rays and high-energy protons mimicking the constant bombardment of Mars by solar ultraviolet light and cosmic radiation sleeting down from space.

- Astronomers watch DART mission’s asteroid Didymos eclipsing (occulting) stars. The European Space Agency (ESA) supports a project called the Asteroid Collaborative Research via Occultation Systematic Survey (ACROSS) designed to capture occultations. ACROSS deployed networks of observers including amateur and professional astronomers pinpoint the predicted locations across the world to track the path of the asteroid’s shadow, glimpsing a background star flicker out as Didymos moved in front of it. The first successful detection of a Didymos-caused occultation of a distant star came on October 15, from a deployment of six telescopes located in northern Oklahoma. One of the telescopes spotted the fading of a star lasting around 0.13 seconds, slightly shorter than the predicted maximum possible duration event. It was followed on October 18, when a 28-inch (71.12 cm) portable telescope at the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia-CSIC, near Granada in Spain, had also recorded an occultation that agreed with the predictions.

- The mission, called Mauve, will be launched in 2024 by the private company Blue Sky Space, which is also developing a commercial exoplanet-watching satellite called Twinkle. It will carry an ultraviolet spectrometer and a 6-inch (15-centimeter) telescope to observe the activity of stars close to the sun, and to look at the effect of solar flares toward the exoplanet.

- Look at the moon’s shadow looming across Earth in last solar eclipse of 2022, in a satellite video provided by Eumetsat (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites)’s Meteosat-9, U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-Eumetsat’s joint Meteosat-11 satellite. Also, there’s more picture emerges of the partial solar eclipse event around the area of vicinity.

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