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All rights were respective of the copyright holders, whenever necessary. This picture shown are AMD’s Zen 4 chiplet cutout, Elden Ring’s tree world and black holes merging.

Hello everyone, on the tenth chapter of the Techy Sum, volume 1, here’s the news that you’ve been looking for:

📱Tech news💻:

- Nvidia decided to unlaunch Nvidia RTX 4080 12GB, due to confusing naming convention with Nvidia RTX 4080 16GB, and both card are not based on even on the same chip and memory bandwidth at all. Due to this, Nvidia decided to reimburse (compensate) AIB (add-in board) partner with the cost associated with packaging (the box packaging will be destroyed at some point, will be replaced with other box too).

- 51RISC, a Chinese GPU board maker, find a new way to tackle uneven GPU slot insertion on the motherboard and to ensure it is inserted perfectly: they included two spirit levels on their RTX 4090. What a great, yet simplest solution of that.

- Sam Croley, a security researcher and password cracker, find out that RTX 4090’s password cracking capability were now 2–2.5 times much powerful than RTX 3090. While not so much useful for online usage, it does however proves to be useful for offline, stolen, and hacked database, which is still worrying for personal cybersecurity, although you should always practice using strong, yet easy to remember (only to you, of course).

- Around 5.3 billion phones slated to become e-waste product by the year-end of 2022, due to planned obsolescence by the phone manufacturer and end-of-life phone update, according to a survey conducted in European region.

- Microsoft, on October 2022 cumulative updates, released brute force password mitigation, especially in the event of RDP (remote desktop protocol) hacking, where malicious actor will try to unlock one’s computer with brute force password cracker.

- Wi-Fi drone hacking, researcher’s once theoretical hacking method, now were used widely by hackers to hack any institution, including financial firm, to obtain sensitive info and/or to conduct espionage on behalf of other competitor.

- Valve are now currently working on a fix for Steam Dock regarding the FreeSync and DisplayPort MST (multi-stream transport; essentially a multi-monitor support) issues currently faced by some Steam Deck user.

- Tellusim Technologies, creator of Tellusim Engine and GravityMark GPU benchmark tool, published the results of Nvidia’s DLSS, AMD’s FSR and Intel’s XeSS benchmark, tested on 1920 x 1080 resolutions, on 200%, 300%, 400% and 600% scale. So far, FSR shown to be quite stable on all resolution, while DLSS delivered great picture quality (until 400%, upward would be quite shaky). XeSS will be properly tested with Intel GPU at some point to give a much fair benchmark (XeSS was tested on Nvidia GPU anyways).

- Gunnir’s Intel Arc A770 (limited to 16 Gbps (on par with A750), as opposed to 17.5 Gbps) were able to push on 2.65GHz GPU clock, running on stock cooler at almost constant 67°C, throughout the benchmark test.

- Elon Musk announces that Starlink will still be free to use for people in Ukraine, despite Starlink still burning money to operate it and as a response of public’s backlash regarding his wishy-washy support towards Ukraine.

- Intel are now open towards every fabless tech companies, including competitors such as Nvidia, AMD, Apple and Qualcomm to build their chips for CPU, APU, GPU, to name a few. How are they going to convince them is yet another question for Intel.

- Nvidia claimed that Shader Execution Reordering (SER; kind of multi-instances of ray tracing processing) speeds up 40% of the ray tracing processes, due to optimisation (such as combining two algorithm with only one algorithm that only checked once whether the ray hit or misses the camera viewpoint).

- AMD planned to lower their Ryzen 7000 series production count due to weakening demand as a result of poor global PC sales, pricey AM5 board and pricey DDR5 RAM stick. Ryzen 9 7900X CPU so far is the best selling CPU, obtained through global shipments and retail numbers. (thanks TechEpiphany!)

- Intel’s XeSS 1.0.1 was released to stump some bugs and added Chinese developer guide for it, and meanwhile, through Mesa 22.3, by limiting CPU resources for Vulkan, it was discovered that it reduces the overhead for Vulkan (for Linux of course) by 30%. Good news for Intel iGPU and Arc GPU user that are using Linux for their main driver.

🎮Video game news🎯:

- Mojang, a Microsoft’s subsidiary, will launch Minecraft Legends in the Spring 2023, packed with four-player mode and on third-person view too.

- Mike Ducker, a former developer of Fable, finally reunites with his Fable’s plaque commemoration 12 years later, found on Ebay listing by Ichi Sumeragi. The plaque were assumed lost or stolen, and it ended up in a recycling centre auction in Northampton around 2014, sat there pretty well until the recent listing. What a lovely story, and thanks for the great Fable game, Mike.

- Fallout Miami DLC mod for Fallout 4 video trailer is now out, featuring various new gameplay and new storyline to follow. It also coincides with 25th anniversary of Fallout series too.

- [Rumor/Leak(?)] Tez2, a notable GTA leaker, posted on GTAForums that mid-generation update for Xbox Series S|X and PS5 should be in the hands of most AAA gaming studios by early next year. The leaker confirmed it from multiple sources.

- Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord will leaves Steam’s Early Access on October 25 this year, and it also got full Steam Workshop support for your modding need of the game, too.

- [Rumor/Leaked] Sekiro Dubi, a dataminer, also discovers from Elden Ring’s v1.07 patch that there will be new hair for DLC, new map files from audio banks m20, and m45 (info are yet to be known), new Colosseum map files, assets, textures (don’t work yet due to lack of DLC files), and lots of subtle map changes, such as at most divine towers.

🚀Space news🌌:

- A planetary scientist of Arecibo Observatory (now defunct) in Puerto Rico, Sean Marshall, discovered that using 1989 until 2021 dataset of Phaeton asteroid (to determine the shape of the asteroid), the rotational speed of it reduces by four milliseconds for each year passes by. JAXA’s DESTINY+ 2024 mission will visit that asteroid.

- Unspecified coating material, to be install on the ISS, will be launch and test for 6 months to see if it able to shield itself from radiation for the usage of Artemis crew moon landing mission, such as buggy cars, spacecraft, to name a few.

- NASA’s Lucy asteroid spacecraft just flew by the earth for gravitational assist of velocity boost, reaching 350 kilometers (220 miles) of altitude on Sunday, at 07:04 EDT (11:04 GMT). It will revisit the earth one more time in 2024 for one last gravity assist.

- China’s Shenzhou 14 crew captured beautiful images of space and our earth on Tiangong space station. Have a look and let us know what do you think of it in the comment section.

- Eagle-1 will be Europe’s first quantum encryption satellite, slated to launch in 2024. It weighed 300 kilograms (660 pounds), and the project were lead by SES, satellite platform built by Italian company, SITAEL, quantum-key payload built by Germany-based Tesat Spacecom, and companies from Austria, Belgium, Czechia and Switzerland are also involved in the project.

- SpaceX’s Freedom manned spacecraft, touch down in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, 14 October 2022, near Jacksonville, Florida, U.S., at 16:45 EDT (20:55 GMT), bringing back home all of Crew-4 crew.

- EMKA-3 (Kosmos-2560; weighing 150 kilograms (330 pounds)) was successfully launched to sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) of 300 kilometers (190 miles) altitude, from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia at 22:55 Moscow time (19:55 GMT), aboarding Angara 1.2 rocket. While it’s not known the nature of the satellite (as every other military satellite too), it was said that it will serve as optical reconnaissance spy mission for Russian Space Force (RSF).

- Researches lay out several hurdles and solutions to land on Mars properly, as cheap and safely manner as possible, such as using bigger parachutes to land spacecraft.

- RAD-12 black hole’s shoots out jet to it’s neighbouring galaxy, RAD-12b, and GRB221009A’s long-duration gamma-ray jet burst was observed by astronomers on October 9 this year. How exciting and electrifying powerful, is it?

- According from a new research paper published in Nature’s journal on October 12 this year, by observing two massive black holes merging together using Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) in the U.S. and Virgo gravitational wave sensors in Italy, they were able to confirm’s Einstein theory regarding precession.

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